Findings and Challenges
  • Many innovations arise from approaching traditionnal issues in unexpected ways, building new connections with the outside world, remodeling the organization's interfaces with its business partners, or revisiting roles and responsibilities on both sides of the organizational boundaries
  • Building trustful and sustainable relationships with existing clients, consumers and suppliers, acquiring new ones, exploring untapped value opportunities, markets or products : these are major challenges every organization must take up at each stage of its life and at each transformation
We can help you to :
  • Analyze your distribution chain and the different interactions with your clients, prospects and business partners, as well as implement improvement plans depending on priorities and expected benefits : better service delivery, reinforced control over added value, rationalization of interface costs, productivity gains, risk mitigation, additional opportunitie for value creation, etc.
  • Review your supply chain (first-level or even multi-level suppliers, when necessary), your procurement and sourcing processes, in order to align them with the strategy and societal commitments of your organization. The associated action plans will more specifically target the following items : quality and sustainability of the relationships with your key suppliers as well as their contribution to strategic goals, existing potential for innovative, value-creating types of collaboration (e.g. know-how and methodology transfer to improve quality and/or reduce production costs, productivity gains sharing, etc.), and possible sourcing scenarios, each being substantiated by a business case (insourcing vs. outsourcing, off-shoring vs. on-shoring, rebalancing of sourcing mix, …).

By institutionalzing cross-company collaboration with a targeted supplier and setting up a joint task force dedicated to "frugal innovation", a manufacturer has identified a new, untapped market for its products and created new revenue streams for both companies.
"Creating value is an inherently cooperative process, capturing value is inherently competitive."

Barry J. Nalebuff
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