Findings and Challenges
  • Employee mobilization is crucial for the success of any transformational project; conversely, a strong resistance to change may hamper the implementation of a strategy, no matter how relevant and visionary the latter might be
  • What is at stake for any organization is therefore to well value and build on human potential in order to thrive and successfully transform itself, while being able to retain and attract key people and talents

We can help you to :
  • Define a grid (or adapt existing one) for key job functions to clarify missions, ensure roles and responsibilities are conherent and aligned with the strategy
  • Implement function-specific performance indicators to identify potentiallly significant gaps in terms of quality delivered, added value produced or productivity, and understand their root cause
  • Launch targeted action plans (competence development, proactive talent management, project sourcing, staff empowerment, managerial behaviors, people motivation by acting on societal levers, etc.) in order to bridge those gaps, for an improved operational, commercial or financial performance, but also for the creation of social value, a key criteria, in our view, to achieve an enduring performance

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