Findings and Challenges
  • “You can't manage what you don't measure”, an old adage says. That requires choosing the right indicators, those that allow you to demonstrate value creation, feed back into the strategy, encourage desired behaviors, adjust execution levers, manage main risks, and communicate with multiple stakeholders : shareholders, public authorities, oversight bodies, private and institutional investors, banks, rating analysts, associations, etc.
  • One of the main challenges of performance management is to soundly link measurement indicators to strategic objectives, which assumes a continuity and a coherence throughout the « transmission belt » between strategy and operations
We can help you to :
  • Translate strategic objectives into operational plans and define relevant performance indicators (KPIs), specific to those projects and levers focused on
  • Implement transparent and tracable performance management and reporting processes which enable to :
  1. Link operational performance indicators to usually used economic value measures
  2. Provide valuable elements necessary to assess correlations between CSR strategy (namely ESG* parameters) and the different economic value drivers (e.g. impact on revenues, operational efficiency, brand image and attractiveness for investors, risk profile, WACC, etc.)
  3. Objectively report on findings and action plans resulting from the performance management framework
  4. Integrate those quantitative and qualitative indicators aforementioned into the reporting and the communication plans of the organization

                                                                                             *ESG : Environmental, Social and Governance

Performance management reflects an organization's ability to execute strategy; this is to underline how important it is. Yet, our experience shows many performance management projects (e.g. BlalancedScorecard, etc.) tend to miss their stated objectives. In reality, what's of utmost importance is not so much the measures themselves, but rather the process implemented : definition and selection of indicators, information gathering and analysis, reporting, learning effect on the organization with respect to the strategy and its implementation, impact of the measures on people behaviors, etc.
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