Findings and Challenges
  • Organizational structures, division of roles and responsibilities and human factors can be as many critical value levers as potential hurdles or disruption sources
  • A fast-moving macro-economic and regulatory environment, multifaceted crises occurring at closer intervals, and increasing financial and societal constraints require responsive structures, able to adapt and transform themselves whenever necessary
We can help you to :
  • Define a target organization aligned with the strategy, and clarify roles and responsibilities (e.g. role sharing between the « center » and operating entities, implementation of delegation principles, straight-line versus dotted-line and functional reporting accountabilities, etc.)
  • Monitor the effective implementation of targert organization in accordance with priorities (e.g. sizing of structures and critical size definition, operations consolidation, impact of structural changes on processes, information systems, clients and partners)
  • Devise and implement an actionable change management plan aiming at : ensuring an effective implementation of the strategy, anticipating those activities, tasks and roles affected by the change, measuring the effects of those changes thanks to relevant business indicators, identifying and preventing operational risks thanks to concrete actions encompassing managerial support, communication, information, measurement, training, and mentoring


By revisiting its distribution channels and sales force organization, an insurance company reduced associated fixed costs by > 20%, while improving client service and reducing response time.
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