Findings ans Challenges
  • Corporates and public institutions are increasingly facing societal challenges, multiple regulatory requirements, and growing expectations set by internal and external stakeholders
  • Our belief, based on our experiences, is that, beyond minimum regulatory compliance or simple « green washing » in certain cases, those expectations and constraints do also carry opportunities to create sustainable value, provided that they are considered with pragmatism, smartly entrenched in the operating model and performance measurement tools of the organization, and channeled in support of strategy, sound governance, and effective communication with stakeholders
We can help you to :

Adjust your CSR strategy and translate it into concrete actions, integrated into wider operational plans. For this purpose, our approach tagets more specifically the following levers :

  • Internal expectations (personnel) and their contribution to overall performance (see also "Harness Human Potential")
  • Interfaces with your key societal stakeholders, in accordance with your strategy, industry, and business positioning : regulators, economic and financial community, associations, etc.
  • Potential opportunities generated by new environmental behaviors, which might also serve quality, modernity, or operational efficiency objectives (e.g. digital commercial exchanges, substantial energy savings, Green IT, …)

By proposing adequate training and mentoring to selected local suppliers, a company in the agro-industry has enabled the latters to achieve productivity gains, harness new production techniques, more efficient and environmentally friendly, and improve their margins, while reducing the company's own purchasing costs.
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